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After your project is built, you can distribute it using the publish command.

The -p/--publisher option controls which publisher to use, with the default being index.

Artifact selection

By default, the dist directory located at the root of your project will be used:

$ hatch publish
dist/hatch_demo-1rc0-py3-none-any.whl ... success
dist/hatch_demo-1rc0.tar.gz ... success


You can instead pass specific paths as arguments:

hatch publish /path/to/artifacts foo-1.tar.gz

Only files ending with .whl or .tar.gz will be published.

Further resources

Please refer to the publisher plugin reference for configuration options.

There's a How-To on authentication and on options to select the target repository.

The publish command is implemented as a built-in plugin, if you're planning your own plugin, read about the publisher plugin API.