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The usual process to make a contribution is to:

  1. Check for existing related issues
  2. Fork the repository and create a new branch
  3. Make your changes
  4. Make sure formatting, linting and tests passes.
  5. Add tests if possible to cover the lines you added.
  6. Commit, and send a Pull Request.

Clone the repository

Clone the hatch repository, cd into it, and create a new branch for your contribution:

cd hatch
git checkout -b add-my-contribution

Run the tests

Run the test suite while developing:

hatch run dev

Run the test suite with coverage report:

hatch run cov

Run the extended test suite with coverage:

hatch run full


Run automated formatting:

hatch run lint:fmt

Run full linting and type checking:

hatch run lint:all


Start the documentation in development:

hatch run docs:serve

Build and validate the documentation website:

hatch run docs:build-check