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Hatch is a modern, extensible Python project manager. See the Why Hatch? page for more information.

  • Build system

    Reproducible builds by default with a rich ecosystem of plugins

    Configure builds

  • Environments

    Robust environment management with support for custom scripts

    Getting started

  • Python management

    Choose between easy manual installations or automatic as part of environments

    Try it

  • Static analysis

    Static analysis backed by Ruff with up-to-date, sane defaults


  • Publishing

    Easily upload to PyPI or other indices

    See how

  • Versioning

    Streamlined workflow for bumping versions

    Managing versions

  • Project generation

    Create new projects from templates with known best practices

    Project setup

  • Responsive CLI

    Hatch is up to 3x faster than equivalent tools

    CLI reference


Hatch is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Documentation for specific MAJOR.MINOR versions can be chosen by using the dropdown on the top of every page. The dev version reflects changes that have not yet been released.

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